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Oh my busy

Whoa, I can’t believe I’m so busy. That happens when I just realised that I’ve totally forgotten all about scribbling something on Tulips. Last post came on Easter Day.

This is probably one of the most hectic week in my rather green career as an academician. I had to conduct a briefing for a programming competition, handled over new responsibilities as a chairman of web development, conduct a mid-term test, and write a paper. All of that on top of my usual lecture and tutorial class (which I breathe a sigh of relief since they were the last in the semester).

My new appointments and responsibilities come as a surprise to me. That’s either good OR bad news, you know it. The good news could be that ‘someone’ sees me as responsible, trustworthy and reliable enough to handle these things, and that’s not a bad thing (I’m not that senior in my fac, so that’s another not-so-bad thing). The bad news would be the abuse of the good news. I don’t want to be “slaved” around just because I’m useful. Of course, I’m not suggesting that I believe that is happening, but just a mere passing thought.

Moreover, I want some time for my PhD work, which I rather put my energy on. I’ll only be “officially” registered in mid-May though I have already been reading a few papers and books.

Oh well. I hope it’ll slow down a bit.

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No matter how busy you get, don’t forget to take some time off and relax… Hehe…

#1Kelvin Chaw  ::  29 April 2006, 13:23  ::  #

Yeah, play more violin, it’s a great stress-relieving therapy =)

#2Sarah Wong  ::  1 May 2006, 00:28  ::  #

kel: Thanks for your encouragement, geek.

sarah: Hehe, no more violin for awhile. It’s back to piano first. By the way, it was an enjoyable time playing together.

#3johnsee  ::  3 May 2006, 17:54  ::  #

Stretching your capacity is always good. ;-) Now you know how much more you’re capable off. Heh.

#4Mei  ::  8 May 2006, 10:29  ::  #

Hi Mei…thanks for dropping by. I went over to Teh Tarik Korner, and it’s quite a pleasant read. And the colours are so lively (unlike mine, which is dull to many) ...

#5johnsee  ::  19 May 2006, 17:49  ::  #

thanks for dropping by. your colours are soothing and i think they go well with the tulip thing. i do like it.

#6Mei  ::  27 June 2006, 19:37  ::  #

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