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Back from hiatus

Heh, I’m back from blog hiatus. You must have wondered what happen, but it was nothing much really. Just busy till the point where I totally forgot about Tulips. Jedibaba startled me with a “so, you’ve been busy”, and for once I thought, there are people who know what’s going on your side through your blog even though you haven’t penned a single post in a month!

I must admit that I haven’t been paying regular visits to my favourite reads, for the exception of a rejuvenated Hermit, who is making a much better comeback from a very similar limbo.

I’m in my last round of marking this semester’s game projects. Some of them have really cool ideas, and these students have probably a lot more potential than they ever thought. I’m encouraged by one particular group that has shown interest in my supervision of their final year project. And, they are taking an elephant step towards writing a game for PS2 or XBox (phew!). Looking forward to that.

Anyway, I just want to get this over with. After I’m done with this, I can key in marks and get back to my research. Next semester’s subject is already out and in planning. It’s C++ for me. Time, time, time!

So, this must be record. I’m writing my first May post. And hopefully, the engine will keep running warm.

Just to keep my blog up in shape (it hasn’t exercised for awhile lah), I just remembered that I haven’t restored back my pictures, links, etc. And, what it also needs at the moment is—content. Hm…

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so the dusty old net yaroze is on the way out eh?

#1killarkai  ::  26 May 2006, 20:38  ::  #

you’re back! ahaha :D

#2yuiny  ::  29 May 2006, 17:23  ::  #

killarkai: Yeah, we have SDKs for PS2 in Linux (just out, but unfortunately it’s in Japanese), and Xbox SDKs have been around for awhile (less complicated). We’re not teaching them yet, and I doubt we will (can’t fit into syllabus), but some students have been interested to fiddle with them for FYP.

yuiny: Yea! I found my old pics and all that. Gotta upload them again lor…

#3johnsee  ::  30 May 2006, 12:26  ::  #

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