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Sure got something one-lah

I have this bad habit of posting outdated news (not referring to affairs of the world). As you can see, it is not uncommon for my previous post to be more than 2 weeks old. My apparent laziness is not new.

My apologies to all those who have met me, asking “time for what?“ and then go on answering the question yourself “sure got something one”. As a matter of fact, nobody left any comment. It’s either that the post has given you the most boring sense of lethargy or, my blog isn’t Blogspot or Wordpress and nobody knows how to use the commenting system. You can say it’s a pointless post. Furthermore, clicking on the word ‘time’ brings you to Google-searched definition for ‘time’, which either bemuses you or makes you think I’m taking you for a fool, therefore something is amiss. Yahhh, sure got something one…

Some people came up with lots of stunning theories, and surmised that it would appear that there must be a reason behind the magic number 99 of 99letters, or that 100 is the missing link in which everything beautiful will end in glorious fashion. Or, maybe it’s just an artsy statement, bah. But 14 ?!?

But, I must applaud my geek-in-crime for having the closest clue as to what might or had happened (he claimed to have posted a comment but didn’t appear, I wonder…).

The answer? Oh my, yes! It’s not that someone has to be on knees begging, and that all hope will be lost if feedback was negative. We’re really mutual, and we love being that to each other (but ask, I did). It’s really natural that way.

Even at times like this, I need to be forgiven (sorry my dear!). Surely 2 weeks to get this up is too long, haha.

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Oh I’m so outdated! I haven’t read your blog for sometime so I didn’t know you and Mei Sin were engaged! CONGRATS!!!I’m so happy for both of you! When will the wedding be?

Now I know why you two left comments on my latest poem =)

#1Sarah Wong  ::  31 October 2007, 01:54  ::  #

beautiful ring for the cute finger. Congrats! once again.

#2Prerana  ::  17 November 2007, 15:41  ::  #

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