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Comment bug eradicated

Thanks Kelvin and The Little Monster for reporting a very small (it’s only one line of code) but catastrophic bug which has cost me lots of precious comments. Anyway, commenting system is back healthy again and the bug has been put to rest. If you didn’t managed to post us (both the flower and the flake) a comment previously, please kindly send again yeah?


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Test, test. It works again!

#1test  ::  14 October 2007, 15:01  ::  #

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. i shouldn’t even have told you. this is how you balas my budi. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

#2krystyn  ::  14 October 2007, 15:48  ::  #

gee..lil monster..i guess that nick is going to be stuck with you for awhile =p courtesy of me and Law Ah ma

#3hlpe  ::  14 October 2007, 20:37  ::  #

See, the thing is, I’ve half-forgotten what was in my (rather long) comment originally. hahahahahah

Ah well. Basically, CONGRATS!!! :D It did cross my mind that the “time” post meant something of the sort, but I didn’t think to check 99letters (I don’t know why). :P

#4yuiny  ::  15 October 2007, 22:17  ::  #

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