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Random thoughts while listening to Bach's Partitas

It’s Friday again. One week passed by so fast, and I’ve only managed to catch a little breath on the last weekday. Nothing better than Bach’s Partitas in the morning.

I’m listening to BBC’s broadcast of the Bath International Music Festival 2006, where young German violinist Carolin Widmann takes on Bach’s Partitas for solo violin (first time I’m listening to her play). I was never a big fan of Bach’s works (you can say I don’t fancy contrapuntal structure) except for his oratorios and the Brandenburgs. Carolin’s playing is exceptionally bold and vibrant (I’ve heard Julia Fischer and I preferred hers!) Her articulation is period-styled and I doubt she’s using a period violin. Really spooky and trembling. This must be the first time I’ve heard spooky Partitas by Bach. Coincidentally, she’ll be coming to Penang for a recital this coming 26 August.

World Cup’s coming in a week’s time. This year has been really football-overdosed. EPL, Champions League and now the World Cup. Looking forward to a spectacular display of football.

It’s half past 9 in the morning, and I’m the only one in the office. Spooky. Sleepy. This always happens during our term breaks. For me, this is probably the best time for me to get on with my research work, before the students come back in 3 weeks’ time. I’ll read a few papers later. Play with some ideas.

Talking about that, perhaps I should turn on to Beethoven’s Sixth or Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite. Better for mornings.

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i’m not a big fan of bach too. chopin for me. but maybe i’ll check out the Partitas as you make it sound so exciting. ;) in the mornings, a bit morbid, but i do like requiems. heh.

#1Mei  ::  27 June 2006, 19:42  ::  #

Haha, when I write about classical music, it’ll sound as delicious as New York cheese cake from Secret Recipe. But, you’re not alone. I’m not keen on Bach too. The only thing I like about him is his contrapuntal inventiveness (much better than Handel’s). And, his oratorios are always good listens, especially during Christmas. :P

Anyway, I’m in for 21 concerts next MPO season. Lots of good stuff, lots of rare stuff too (which I like actually).

#2johnsee  ::  3 July 2006, 18:10  ::  #

ooh, potent trio. chopin, coffee and cheesecake. wah liau – i not so “cheem” as to understand what is ‘contrapuntal inventiveness’. (kowtow to sifu) my rating of music – across all genres is “like” or “dun like”. hah. like most ppl i guess. 21 concerts! wow. an earful. any good stuff i shouldn’t miss?

#3Mei  ::  20 July 2006, 17:52  ::  #

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