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Blogging bible studies

A group of us from my cell group, Koinonia (well, almost entirely actually) just embarked last week on a bible study series on the Apostles’ Creed. I have also started a new section in Tulips, called ‘bible study’ to post our reflections on each study. Hopefully, it’ll be as edifying and encouraging as we hope it to be.

Here’s our first entry, and we’re at the 2nd study this week.

Ok well, you must be thinking how on earth do we study Apostles’ Creed? It’s probably shorter than most Psalms. They do not tell much of a story. And, they aren’t taken from any part of the Scripture (hm), or are they? :-)

Creeds (and usually the Lord’s Prayer) have come a long way in church tradition. In order to fully grasp these beautiful lines of doctrinal truths, it is fitting that we deconstruct these lines into separate meaningful studies. After all, the Apostles’ Creed is trinitarian and what more can we ask for something as compactly represented as this.

We are using sermon audios by Rev. Freddy Fritz (from Tampa Bay Presbyterian Church, USA), who has done an immense piece of exposition on the Apostles’ Creed (17 sermons plus an introduction). All his sermons in mp3 format are available for download at SermonAudio.com.

Quite unfortunately, we didn’t start blogging on our earlier book studies on Galatians and Amos, which were no less exciting. Some time back, I also participated in a chapter-by-chapter blog-study on Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline with a keen bunch of fellas but I lost all those precious posts after my previous hoster crashed their server.

Well, it’s time to start again. :)

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hmmm. everyone’s posting something on the Apostles’ Creed!

#1krystyn  ::  29 October 2007, 20:56  ::  #

“They do not tell much of a story.”

Actually, they do tell a story…look carefully at the storyline. It’s the Incarnation in a nutshell… : D

The early church didn’t have a point-form theology, but a narrative-confession of faith.

Nice that you guys are doing something like this…

And i love your live comment preview…it’s cool man!

#2Jack Said  ::  30 October 2007, 00:02  ::  #

krystyn: Yeah! Why don’t you come join us? Especially if you haven’t done in-depth bible studies before. Hehe…

Jack: Heh! I meant in my context of “not much” as not having as much detail as I would prefer to have. I didn’t mean they don’t tell the story at all. Of course, it does possess a very skeletal, compactified story of the Incarnation. What’s more intriguing is how much truths we can see from just these few lines! It was also historically refreshing…

Speaking of which, I was glad you took the trouble to give a very apt response to the “Noetic Effect of Sin = Subjectivism” thing. Your explanations were indeed very clear, unlike….

Somehow, some things get over-complicated when we start “over-thinking” stuff that are meant to be understood with the simplest a layman could afford. It’s like trying to reinvent the wheel oval, just to see if it works better than a round one.

Live comments are cool because you don’t need to press “Preview”! Hehe. And you can see how it should appear later on, almost immediately.

#3johnsee  ::  30 October 2007, 00:36  ::  #

and what on earth is THAT supposed to mean? like you’d know whether i’ve done such in-depth ness before. heh.

#4krystyn  ::  3 November 2007, 11:46  ::  #

“if” you haven’t. I didn’t say you haven’t. Of course I wouldn’t know. Anyway, I’m just asking whether you’ll be interested.

#5johnsee  ::  3 November 2007, 13:22  ::  #

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