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Yellow tulips

Tulips goes YELLOW for the 10th of November, and the next 3 days.

(If you’re asking me why, go dunk yourself in the nearest pool…)

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eh yellow!!! woooooo, it’s YELLOWWW!!! i like! reminds me of a sunflower =)

#1krystyn  ::  11 November 2007, 12:41  ::  #

Hhmmm, I have not been following Malaysian news closely, but like the tags suggestion, it must be something to do with current affairs. Let me guess…. polluted pool? Or izzit an analogy to the BERSIH gathering?

#2meisin  ::  12 November 2007, 06:55  ::  #

Hhahah…silly. Of course…yellow, thanks to today’s paper, I know what’s going on now =p.

#3meisin  ::  12 November 2007, 13:50  ::  #

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