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Not so rare

Just when I get lots of comments that my name (in full) is rare, and my surname rarer still, I tapped onto my best buddy Google for some global answers.

I’m an easy-going Singaporean who posts nothing but pictures.
I’m also a Macromedia mercenary. A web designer from Minnesota.
I have a Deviantart account (wah, since when?)

Wikipedia says I was borned in the 19th century, received an OBE, and was once a premier of New South Wales, and I looked like this…

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Are you also an owner of a cyberia unit ar? One of the owner also has a name “John See”, is that you?

#1YP  ::  3 July 2006, 01:44  ::  #

Nolah… I don’t own any Cyberia apartments. Hehehe.

#2johnsee  ::  3 July 2006, 15:15  ::  #

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