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Coupe du Monde

This is strange. I’ve watched so many World Cup matches for the past few weeks, and I didn’t write a single post on it. Maybe, it does makes sense. :P

Having to go to work in the day (and getting work done) and back for more “work” at night (hehe, in front of the telly) is excruciatingly difficult to handle. Well, at least the group stages are over, and no more 9pm-to-5ams.

For those of you similar-maniacs who have been following closely WC2006, it’s been quite a spectacular isn’t it? The shock and drama has been the main highlight (rather than the football itself, sadly). Brazil lost to a team of old folks, the Czechs, Spanish and Dutch showing lots of early promise but bowed out tamely, Simunic’s 3rd yellow card, Valentin Ivanov (who would ever forget this name for awhile?). Refereeing decisions have been a far cry from professional. The referrees have been much stricter this time, but at the same time, they do let a lot of nonsense get away as well. Didn’t you see Henry’s spectacular fall after Puyol barged him? You could have missed it thanks to some mesmerising magic from Zidane. By the way, Ronaldinho looked every bit like Ronald McDonald.

There were the usual suspects though — the Argentinians and Portuguese rolling on the ground at the slightest touch, Asians and Africans underperforming on European soil yet again, England melting at the spotkick… Ah…

Anyway, Holland deserves another chance, minus Valentin Ivanov.

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I was heartbroken after seeing Henry playact, i thought he was a role model professional. Anyway it seems this “clutching the face” is the in-thing now. Saw Ballack doing it yesterday, plus a few others in the Italy-Germany match.

#1killarkai  ::  5 July 2006, 19:44  ::  #

It’s all Rivaldo’s fault…

#2johnsee  ::  6 July 2006, 17:14  ::  #

It was pityful to watch the Argentina-Germany match though. Argentina could’ve done better save for the bad refereeing. ;)

#3Leokoo  ::  11 September 2006, 00:46  ::  #

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