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Err hooray, new year starts today!

10 days into the new year. Just finished marking 220+ exam scripts. And, I can finally start thinking about 2008. This is when it actually begins.

There’s a lot to write, but too little time. This, being a consistent trend for the past few months, Computer graphics ‘fundamentals’ (this word is added to indicate that this has nothing to do with 3DStudioMax or Maya or any of that sort, but have a lot to do with math and low-level programming) is probably the best course I could teach this trimester, in terms of what I like and prefer. But it’s strenuous. By all means, there are people who still could not figure out why a trimester system is not going to work with the kind of spade-feeding students we have here. Literally, feed and vomit. And hardly consoling, this year’s bunch has been the worst lot. I cannot make sense of how feeding someone chicken would make them vomit fish. A miracle of incredible proportions.

There’s a lot to be thankful for in 2007. There’s also things which didn’t quite work out, but perhaps they are really minor stuff that I shouldn’t be too bothered about. So, on the overall scale, I should be really grateful for having more blessings! More on that some other time. :-)

I remember writing about resolutions last January and it’ll be comforting if I could muster a score of passing at least 50% of them. Resolutions are never easy to fulfill since many of us don’t print our top ten resolutions, each on a large A3 paper and pin them all over our room, so we tend to forget easily what we initially wanted to achieve. The good news is sometimes we found other things along the way which we would rather achieve, thus abandoning the earlier targets. Resolutions should be mobile, but some people would say that’s wishy-washy and indisciplined. Maybe we can all start with something like “to be a good guy”. At least it’ll be easier than to say, “to finish reading 20 books in a year”.

Blogging is quite low in my priority list. And, unless I have wonderful Christmas lights (armed with a keen interest in tweaking apertures), colourful markets and cocktail parties, it can be quite difficult at times to intentionally think of something to blog about. It’ll be a drudgery if I did that. My dear is a more natural talent in this business than I am, and I enjoy her posts all the time.

People may also have noticed that I’m not a very good descriptive-narrative storyteller, but I do have a lot to say about things at times, but mostly things that the general public find boring or unappealing. What do people want to read these days? Where to go, where to eat, what to buy, or hot news on what the gov has done (again), or very huge mash of photos meant to crash your browser (use Picasa or Flickr for goodness sake). Let’s hope I’ll get back to my usual boring self after all these busyness! :D


OK, I’m going in circles, back to resolutions. For 2008, I’m not going to make a list of them, but rather, a simple collection of mini-goals that I intend to put time and effort into, with hope that would bear some fruit.

My dear will be back for good this year (finally!) and some changes may be necessary to accommodate that, hehe! Priorities and time can only get more weighted. We will also be doing some ‘preparations’ later half of the year. Before you grin, notice that it’s plural. More on that when the time comes. ;-)

My doctoral research has been slow since I had been too occupied with programming contests, student training workshops and a very hectic course to teach. I need to get a little more organized than usual, and stop exploring things like Ruby. Andrew will be leaving uni this March (sigh!), but he has kindly offered to continue unofficial supervision from Korea, so I really need to get in touch with him more often. There’s also tons of new stuff I’m planning to explore and I mustn’t be lazy! I’m also trying to start a tea-time reading group here soon.

Bible studies have been rewarding in CG. We had an Amos Study earlier last year, and a 3 1/2-month-long Apostles’ Creed Study is currently underway (sorry, I haven’t been updating my bible study posts as well!). So this has been my passion for CG to have more in-depth biblical study and education, for all to be fed spiritually and to be equipped. Kelv was worried that I may get burnt-out (I think I gotta lead again this week to replace someone), but I assured him that I’m doing all this without feeling much of a pinch about it. :-) May have another study some time mid-year, maybe topical or book-specific.

Other than all that, I have no intentions in trying to increase the number of movies I watch in a year (pathetic), the number of blog posts I intend to put up (very meager), the number of new shirts/pants that I need to replace my old ones (almost during sales only), the number of books I normally buy in a year (while attempting to reduce the queue) and my weight. Anything more is a bonus or a penalty.

While writing all this, I could suddenly make a mental list of a couple more things that I wish to talk about. Hmpph, another time!

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you hv talent in doing the bible study lah! :)

#1danielkhoo  ::  11 January 2008, 01:25  ::  #

agree with boss..and ppl do enjoy reading the stuff u write..u shud blog more =)

#2hlpe  ::  14 January 2008, 14:50  ::  #

Which reminds me, that I need to start blogging again…

#3kelvinchaw  ::  16 January 2008, 21:22  ::  #

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