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New bus services

Today, I made a quick trip down KL in RapidKL’s latest integrated public transport system. Not quite “integrated” as yet, but it was definitely useful (I can understand the Komuter, but why must the Monorail operate on its own?). For seven bucks, I have unlimited access to all 4 bus services (Express, Tempatan, Utama, Bandaraya) and both LRT lines (the best deal of all). The “express” non-stop bus from KL Sentral to Putrajaya Sentral is a good addition for commuters who need to make a trip to Putrajaya or Cyberjaya.

Journey was smooth and uninterrupted, and the transition between buses wasn’t that bad after all. Travelling in the Cyberjaya-Putrajaya-KLSentral-KLCC route costs only RM7 for both trips, taking around 70 minutes (just over an hour) each trip. One warning though: The route passes by Sungai Besi Highway, so ride your luck!

This has been the best deal Cyberjaya’s gotten thus far. Just in case you’re wondering, there IS also a bus from Putrajaya Sentral all the way to One Utama, passing by IOI Mall and Kelana LRT. That’s another good route.

It must have taken them years to figure out a simple thing like this, something all other major cities around the world have been using for ages. Let’s see whether “third world mentality” prevails in the long run.

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asking the obvious…. 7 bucks for ONE day?

at least they are making some progress

#1killarkai  ::  1 August 2006, 20:55  ::  #

Hi John, stumbled upon your site while trying to figure out what’s quickest, most convenient and cheapest way to get to Cyberjaya from KL Sentral. Thanks for the great info – all other “official” sites I visited so far were pretty useless. At least now I know time and cost. Can you tell me how many bus changes are there and where?

#2Emily Wee  ::  26 August 2006, 23:02  ::  #

Hi Emily, the RapidKL website is quite good, but I’m surprised it is not as detailed as their leaflets they were giving out to passengers when they first changed to this new system. I think you can get them at KLSentral or Putrajaya Sentral. It’s a very helpful guide to all the buses.

Ok, if your route is Cyberjaya-KLSentral, I recommend you take the RM1 from Cyberjaya to Putrajaya Sentral, and then take the Express route “tanpa henti” to KLSentral, which is RM4. It’s a non-stop route, so you can reach in about 30-40 mins (depending on jams along Sungai Besi). So, that’s RM5

If you want to travel to-and-fro from Cyberjaya to KL (general). I would advised that you buy the “Pas Harian Sepadu” which is an integrated pass that covers ALL 4 different bus types, as I’ve already mentioned in my post above. For RM7, it’s a bargain if you’re going from Cyberjaya-KLSentral-KL jalan-jalan & misc-KLSentral-Cyberjaya. It covers both LRT lines as well (no Komuter!).

From Cyberjaya to Putrajaya Sentral, there are two buses, 428 & 429. 429 goes to LimKokWing first and makes a few extra detours. 428 goes straight to Putrajaya Sentral. So, catch the right one to save time. :) The frequency of this 2 buses is very good—about 15 minutes.

There’s another bus (Sri Indah) which goes straight from Cyberjaya to Kotaraya (Pudu), and that is terribly infrequent. The driver might even take you to Chow Kit it majority of passengers demanded it! (Please don’t try that, hehe)

If you happen to spot one of those RapidKL yellow leaflets, get one.

Forgot to add: The "Express" route bus from Putrajaya Sentral to KLSentral is "E1". If you're on your way back, remember to take E1 and not E2. E2 brings you to Kajang. Careful!

#3johnsee  ::  28 August 2006, 12:49  ::  #

John, many thanks – this info is really really useful :) I wasn’t aware that you can catch a direct bus from KL Sentral to Putrajaya Sentral, and an express one at that. Most websites tell you to catch a train to Serdang and then a bus from there to Cyberjaya. Your suggestion sounds much more convenient.

I also note that there’s KLIA transit which is the transit train to KLIA. This train transits at Putrajaya/Cyberjaya at a place called “Western Transport Terminal”, which looks on the map like it’s on the border between Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. So then you catch a bus from there to either Putrajaya or Cyberjaya. A more expensive option though – I think it’s at least RM10 by train for a return ticket (have to check at KL Sentral coz sometimes website prices are not updated). Cheers :)

#4Emily Wee  ::  28 August 2006, 18:29  ::  #

Hah! Western Transport Terminal = Putrajaya Sentral. In simple words, it’s designed to be an integrated terminal for buses, taxies and the KLIA transit train. (it’s a bit dead at the moment).

Btw, it’s been around since 1 July. Perhaps, a lot of people still don’t know about this. Sometimes, the ignorant Malaysian public loves to blame the inefficiency of our news/info. Both also wrong. :P

#5johnsee  ::  28 August 2006, 18:44  ::  #

hi john or somebody can you help me to get to APIIT university it’s also located in cyberjaya, but i don’t know how to get to that university as soon as i get to cyberjaya

#6andreas tan  ::  8 September 2006, 07:12  ::  #

hey, don’t forget to check out wikipedia’s entry on RapidKL to get the maps to plan your travel while u’re online. Really useful that someone helped to upload it there.

#7sam  ::  10 November 2006, 14:02  ::  #

oh yeah, forgot to mention that Cyberjaya is in Area 4: Bus Routes for Southeast and East . Anyway, based on the above comments, Cyberjaya sites sure need to buck up soon.

Hmm, wondering if its the right time to set up a lil web project/site for Cyberjaya? :p What do you think, John?

#8sam ng  ::  10 November 2006, 14:05  ::  #

Hi there, I’m from out of town. I am glad to come across your site. The info that you have provided is very useful. Thanks a lot.

#9Leila  ::  12 December 2007, 03:24  ::  #

i want to go to putrajaya from kl sentral…. how to get the bus??? please help me…

#10nadia ilham  ::  28 May 2011, 07:55  ::  #

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