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The New Republic of Barisan Rakyat

I’m in PKR-DAP country! ...

Sunday was a new day. I woke up to The New Republic of Barisan Rakyat. Nothing seemed to have changed, election-spammed roads, the buildings, the sky still enshrouded with a thin film of haze. But to many of us, we know what has changed.

Well, I would not want to flood you further with the latest developments on the political front since Malaysiakini and many other blogs have been doing an excellent job on that. But, I can’t resist mentioning one of the latest — that for the first time, an Indian has been appointed a Deputy CM, and that’s in Penang.

So, here am I, trying to sum up my thoughts…

The people have sent forth a very strong message. To some, the recent crisis in our judiciary system provides no remedy or justice for the undefendable. In fact, you could just make phone calls. To some, the hike in prices of daily needs offers to threaten their very livelihood in this country. And well, petrol should not be a need, but since public transportation has not improved by leaps and bounds, city folks often rely on vehicles which are owned by their banks. To others who hold integrity to the highest esteem, the constant news of suspicious awarding of project contracts, money laundering. To the peace-loving, crime levels have been worrying to the extent that we could justify the reason why we don’t have earthquakes. Children can no longer play anywhere in public. To some, religious freedom is no longer a freedom as you can expect officers to show up with a surat berhenti. Yes, all of the above. If you could trust where the news comes from.

But, I’m glad that those who did not take heed of the rakyat’s voices, are now being punished for being arrogant, loud-mouthed and disrespectful. More than that, they have been outwitted and outplayed by a strong cohesive alternative force that the rakyat could truly identify with. In the next parliamentary sitting, we’ll now have from bloggers to civil rights activists to ex-jailbirds (and not forgetting, one remains detained till today) to NGO leaders to a heart specialist. It is truly by the people, for the people. I must say that I’m impressed at the pains and efforts the 3 main parties of Barisan Rakyat have put in to reach a compromise and common goal. This is the golden opportunity to tell the BN folks that they can now compare track records. (Well earlier, they claimed that they have the best track record when there’s nothing else to compare with.)

The need to change is not something you could coerce people into (in fact, human beings naturally hate changes), but something that is felt. The winds of change were felt. What little winds we get from each one of us resulted in a totally unexpected tsunami of atomic proportions.

The past few days had been all election-talk everywhere I go. Makan election, Minum election, Tido election. I sensed an air of euphoria, a rare bond of unity (forget about unity bands, they are useless since people take them off at times) and a genuine climate of hope, as though a dark heavy cloud has just lifted off the horizon.

As I drive along the highway, I know now that at least the people we’ve put up there are doing something to stop our grandchildren from paying for something they don’t deserve, be it a failure or success.

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john is back in blogosphere…

#1krystyn  ::  18 March 2008, 17:39  ::  #

im suggest BARISAN RAKYAT use yellow colour
based on BERSIH when all of BARISAN ALTERNATIVE party

#2khairul  ::  30 March 2008, 11:41  ::  #

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