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Fun with Graphs

Ever wondered how your website looks like in graphs? The graph on the left is Tulips. Aharef created this ├╝ber-looking HTML DOM Visualizer Applet to represent hierarchical tags of a website in the form of a graph. This is supremely genius! It’s definitely my pick of the month, if not my pick of the year.

Here’s what he says:

HTML consists of so-called tags, like the A tag for links, IMG tag for images and so on. Since tags are nested in other tags, they are arranged in a hierarchical manner, and that hierarchy can be represented as a graph.

Each of the main tags and tag types—HTML, A, DIV, TABLE, form tags (FORM, INPUT, TEXTAREA, etc.) and line breaks (P, HR, BR, etc.) are represented using a different node colour. By the way, you can see that my website is table-less, no red nodes (woohoo!). Click on my website graph to see the full-size image.

And, he goes on to give a graphical tour of websites “we all visit often”, which includes CNN, Google, Yahoo, and MSN. After awhile, you can sort of “visualise” and imagine how these websites are built hierarchically, what their building blocks consists of, are they div-driven or table-driven, and much more. Very revealing stuff. There’s much to learn from how we design websites, and yet at the same time, there’s much beauty in such a brilliance I’ve never thought of.

On a lighter note, I just couldn’t resist saying his name looks (and sounds) like a href indeed. Hehehe…

Hey, check your website graph and see how it looks!

5 comment(s) to this post

hahahah cool!

#1yuiny  ::  3 August 2006, 22:42  ::  #

mine’s ugly!

#2killarkai  ::  4 August 2006, 15:44  ::  #

thanks for this link. so cool.
i like mine. will post it up too. heh. :)

#3Mei  ::  7 August 2006, 18:07  ::  #

Yeah, so cool right?
Killarkai, yours is not that ugly la… It’s looks quite like disjointed dendrites or neurons from the brain.

Ok mei, will wait for your post.

#4johnsee  ::  8 August 2006, 14:08  ::  #

very nice, John…(hey didn’t u buy some books from me in the past?) grin

#5alwyn  ::  17 August 2006, 08:50  ::  #

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