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Auf Wiedersehen for now

It’s second round this year! The time has come, sooner than expected.

I thought using auf Wiedersehen would actually be more like a “farewell” kind of goodbye than a “goodbye” kind of goodbye. But, it can be literally translated as “Until we see each other again”, so I think it sounds OK in this context. Moreover, it sounds more elegant than servus or tschüs (sounds like ‘just’).

Most of you would have known about this, that I’ll be flying off to Vienna to see my dearest, and then off to an enormous tour round Europe (in counter-clockwise fashion), starting from Vienna to Prague, Dresden, Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Basel, Zurich, Salzburg, then back to Vienna. After that, we’ll also be making a trip to Budapest for a night. :-) At least this clarifies to some of you who thought I would be going to Italy again?!? Wait a minute, that’s not the best part. The best part is, she will be back FOR GOOD this time! No more running away! No more! No!

I can’t write more than this for now, since time is precious, and I have been rushing lots of stuff whole day, and I need to be going off soon for dinner with papa and mama, follow by final packing before heading to KLIA. More details when I have time later…

In 8 hours, I’ll be off. I’ll try get some line over there when I can.

Auf Wiedersehen.

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