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Up on the stage

ConvocationThis year’s convocation is just around the corner. I will be going up the stage, not for a minute, but for 4 hours (gulp). Not to take any scrolls, but invited as faculty academician to join the ceremony.

I’m quite uneasy and nervous for quite a few reasons. Most of the invited academicians are usually professors, senior lecturers and long-serving members of the faculty, and I don’t seemed to quite understand my selection. I’m a noob around (but never a noob in the university, this is my 8th year in MMU) and I couldn’t possibly be long around to see this batch of students survived their degrees. In fact, many of them are friends to me, juniors to be exact.

Anyway, I relish the honour to join in the procession, and it will be a great occasion for them all, and their parents as well. It is a mark of achievement, a celebration of knowledge, maturity and hehe, freedom (not for me of course…).

To my colleagues who are convocating this weekend as well (for their Masters), have a nice weekend. I’m sure it was worth every drop of your agony. It’s MMU’s bloodthirsty Masters after all. You’re half way there. Keep it going.

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Hey John…this is Maran (ex CITS) – I was up on the stage on Saturday – did you catch me getting the scroll? ;-) There were not that many FCM Master graduates, you couldn’t have missed me :-D – How’s life?

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