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The Dark Side

“Yes, a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side… If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did Obi-Wan’s apprentice.” – Yoda

* * *

I can almost imagine Jia Wern, Yuin-Y, Terry, Kelvin people saying to me Yoda-ly, “The dark side, you have come”. For months and year(s), I resisted registering a Facebook account for a few simple reasons: 1) My Friendster contacts are still alive and serving its purpose well, 2) What for add the same bunch of people again? 3) Facebook IS the “dark side”. A black hole. Once you’re in, you can’t get out. (Coincidentally, Friendster has been growing less “dark side” ever since it started allowing people to use it as a blog dumpster, spam songs, glittering animation on testimonials. It’s repulsive, and makes me not go there often, so, less evil…)

My reasons are still valid, although I have now got myself into this Facebook baloney, didn’t I? Maybe I can bypass #1 and #2 with some lame justification but, I can almost 1001% prove to you why #3 is definitely TRUE. Haha.

In just an hour after registering a Facebook account,

17 confirmed me as friend
3 wrote some stuff on my wall (since when I ask for a wall to be erected on Facebook?)
2 tagged a photo of me (hey, how can I trust you to tag me correctly? maybe it’s not me…)
1 edited details on how we know each other (oh my….)

And, 1 particular friend participated in all of the above, which makes me wonder whether he’s working or playing Facebook on a Monday afternoon.

See, how many people are “actively” fiddling around with Facebook at any given hour? Someone please save this world from time wastage. So evil.

And, I WILL remember to turn off this stupid email-me-to-tell-me-what-happen-in-Facebook feature so that I don’t get bombarded with so much spam. I will check it myself at my own pace. What bother!

Those who want to add me, use the search to find-lah. At least get to practice your search skills, make good use of your time instead of throwing sheep at people.

So, somehow, I have gone to the dark side. Let’s see whether I can convert some people out of it, by participating in it. Macam hero-lah. People say, resistance is futile. But strangely, it’s even more futile to make sense of why resistance is futile. :-)

9 comment(s) to this post

i opened igoogle and then read..John See added you as a friend in Facebook..and said to myself..this can’t be right?!? Then next to the RSS of my email was the RSS of blogs i read…in which read…the dark side…(then i thought to myself..gee..now that makes sense!)

#1hlpe  ::  14 July 2008, 20:04  ::  #

Actually…I feel that the spam mails generated by Friendster is much more worse than Facebook’s.

#2Ju Lian  ::  14 July 2008, 21:08  ::  #

YES! Facebook is the dark side and it’s addictive.. That’s why I still resisted joining Facebook. Haha…

#3WeiLiam  ::  14 July 2008, 21:33  ::  #

hlpe: I’m gonna convert you all out of this ditch.
julian: yeah, of course Friendster spams a lot worser (I said that ma, rite?). That makes it not so “dark side”. Hahahahaha. Makes you don’t want to use it…
william: yeah! good! I’ll try to bring more converts out of Facebook… by joining Facebook….......

#4johnsee  ::  15 July 2008, 08:56  ::  #

3 wrote some stuff on my wall (since when I ask for a wall to be erected on Facebook?)
Good one XD

(And a more “Yoda-like” way would be “To the Dark Side come, have you.”) :P

#5yuin  ::  17 July 2008, 23:01  ::  #

yuin: Correcting my yoda lang, you I thank!

#6johnsee  ::  20 July 2008, 14:22  ::  #

Some of the professors in my college have facebook. They use it to stalk their students. Hmm….now that’s an idea, isn’t it?

#7SarahWong  ::  20 July 2008, 20:38  ::  #

sarah, you’re a frickin’ genius!

#8johnsee  ::  24 July 2008, 17:47  ::  #

big monster! thats the link of my new blog. i’ve moved.

#9krystyn  ::  26 August 2008, 21:16  ::  #

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