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Budgets are just budgets

Let’s see, where are we now?... Anwar makes his comeback, Malaysia Today gets blocked, more possible corruption involving cars, lorries, highways and the immigration department. What’s next? 2008 is indeed colorful. It has all the characteristics of a well-thought storyline befitting of any Hollywood blockbuster (It wouldn’t surprised me if it rakes up more than Dark Knight).

Budget 2009 rolls out this afternoon, and I’m sure there will be goodies aplenty, especially for a very over-crowded civil service. I predict there will be more subsidies (yet again) for food and essentials without much long-term plan (show me 10 years or more-lah, not 1 year) to contain the escalating global food problem. Similarly, there will be some huge load of money allocated to the improvement of public transportation after receiving all that banter from disabled groups and a “disappointed” Mr PM taking his first train ride in years. If you recall 2006 and what Mr DPM said, you’ll know for sure that nothing gets done as usual.

With Anwar breathing down their necks, expect more money for Sabah and Sarawak to quell worries of ship-jumping (or house-moving).

So, I’m not going to believe in numbers anymore (not that I don’t believe that 1+1=2). Or monetary promises. Or impressive billions taken at face value. These days, you have to get things done, the right way.

On a totally unrelated thought, the one thing that most impressed me in 2008 is how the cyberspace has brought new levels of accountability between the government and rakyat, new ways of reliably cross-checking sources of information (you know this if you often jump from blog to blog) and an almost potent tool for disseminating news and information (just ask BN, ouch).

And these days, everyone knows how much a Proton Perdana gearbox costs.

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