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Early wedding announcement

Here’s an early public announcement, Mei Sin and I will be getting married on March 8, 2009.

Yes, it’s gonna be on the mother of all dates, as far as recent Malaysian history is concerned. I’m sure there will be plenty of celebrations for the 1st anniversary of the tsunami, but please don’t abandon us. :-) Anyway, there will surely be lots of jokes going around on that day, you bet! It’s on a Sunday, but the next day’s a public holiday, which makes it convenient for those of you traveling from outstation. Mark your calendars ahead, will ya? Hopefully, the Titanic has sunk by then, and all Malaysia will be looking forward to a much more important date than 8th of March. Just leave the date for us.

Before any of you (married ones) start your cringing nag on how torrid and stressful the preparation process is, how couples eventually cannot wait for it (the planning) to be over, and how much it has eaten into your savings, and la-di-da, please stop. Hrrmph, seems quite normal to hear all this, isn’t it? :-)

Rest assure that my meticulous self has given too much a lot of thought into all aspects of our plan, and everything’s going on well so far, on schedule.

Wedding site coming up soon over here. More details to be blogged later…

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Wow! that’s super exciting!! =) Enjoy & savour every moment of the preparation leading up to your special day, ya! =)

#1Sharon Amrita  ::  7 October 2008, 15:31  ::  #

Wheee~ Great to hear that! I hope all the preparations and whatnot will go just wonderfully for you two until then – and after then! ;)

#2yuiny  ::  9 October 2008, 17:57  ::  #

aiyor i can’t go! =((((( is heartbroken

#3krystyn  ::  17 October 2008, 11:26  ::  #

Congratulations, dude.

#4WunShe  ::  23 October 2008, 21:40  ::  #

Congrats!! I am sure u guys are busy running here and there for the preparation. But do enjoy the bitter sweet process.

#5Ng HZ  ::  8 November 2008, 17:05  ::  #

I have marked down the date
I have prepared all my wishes for you both
but..I HAVE no tickets to go bak to witness such eventful day. :(
THE day has finally come:)
Congratulations in advance with love..

#6Angelene  ::  14 January 2009, 03:19  ::  #

wow!! on my birthday!! :D that will be something to remember hehe much congratulations and lots of love from me! :)

#7snoflek  ::  28 January 2009, 10:23  ::  #

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