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I use TXP

A friend commented, “Hey, it’s springtime again”. Right, after a horrible winter.

I was frequently barraged with two questions, and I think they would certainly qualify for my top 10 FAQs (which I intend to put in the About page or maybe a separate Colophon) — 1) Why do you do a PhD?, and 2) What do you make your blog with?

I’ll probably be blogging about my PhD and research work time to time, and so I’ll let that come naturally. With the latter one being the easier of the two, I’ll attempt to give a slipshod answer now, a better one later. Hehe.

I build my journal using Textpattern or often called TXP in short. Text what? I’m pretty sure many are not familiar with this CMS as a large portion of the blogging community opt for free blogging services, Blogger, LiveJournal, Xanga, Tabulas, BlogDrive, and etc. More customizable publishing platforms such as Drupal, WordPress and MovableType may strike a chord or two for most people who own their personal domains. TXP is no different from Drupal, TP, WP and MT (all are free except for MT). TXP’s biggest advantage is probably in its customisable features, content structure and community (3Cs, hehe).

But I do caution that, TXP is not chicken feed. Newbies will definitely struggle for awhile (which I did), but once you get the hang of it, everything’s at your disposal. Full control and definitely, an endless source of creation and ideas.

If you “enjoy” debugging (or to simply put it, trouble!), TXP is the way to go. The TXP community (forum) is a helpful one, littered with plenty of brilliant plugins. I’ve just found out that it’s possible to integrating Flickr (as a gallery) and del.icio.us (as links) into TXP platform. Amazing stuff that I’m gonna look into.

TXP does not stand for Totally Xenophobic Platform. You can easily import content/database from other blogging platforms (MovableType, Blogger, B2, Wordpress).

If you need to know more (while I try to revise my answers), Natalie’s a recent TXP convert (from WP) and she’s done some good dissecting.

But, give me credit for styling these creamy colours, not TXP.

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Wah, its back – and a super-and with a new duper minimalist look!

#1leon  ::  14 March 2006, 13:04  ::  #

hey, your app jumbled my words, i said;

“Wah, its back and with a super-duper minimalist look

#2leonkj  ::  25 March 2006, 02:41  ::  #

Haha, I didn’t know that! I thought you were having grammar fun.
Not sure what happened then, could be something in the Textile engine that triggered that. Your second comment seems ok already, eh?

#3johnsee  ::  26 March 2006, 16:13  ::  #

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