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Gotta use this space

Hello, World!

Here am I again. People say Facebook killed the blog. Some say it’s the iPhone. And to the webbies, Twitter has had the last laugh. I wouldn’t say I succumbed to any of the above, except maybe I somewhat cannot resist checking my farm to harvest my lemon trees and plant grapes. I never got started with the other two anyway.

I believe too much tech is bad for health (literally and indirectly), just like how eating too much carrots is.

So here am I again. Maybe blogs just got rarer and more retro these days, and you know I got a penchant for those stuff. Gotta use this space!

On a (very important) side note, happy anniversary, my dear!

By the way, I’m going back to Verdana.

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“I believe too much tech is bad for health”

How true…=P

#1Ju Lian  ::  10 March 2010, 00:20  ::  #

Totally agree on the Tech bit… To add to that…It has drastically changed the dynamics of human relationship and indirectly disgustingly increase the probability of infidelity (witness too many examples)

#2Hlpe  ::  10 March 2010, 01:13  ::  #

what are you guys doing at my blog??? :P

#3john  ::  10 March 2010, 17:15  ::  #

i’m here because i do not facebook.

#4lee  ::  11 March 2010, 09:36  ::  #

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