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SXSWi keynote on online privacy

SXSW Interative 2010 kicked off yesterday in Austin, Texas with social networking expert Danah Boyd giving her keynote speech on online privacy and publicity. Definitely something worth more than a chatter over tea. Danah rubs in together a few major privacy blunders from Facebook and Google in recent times, and she sums up the state of online social networking:

Ultimately, she says, “neither privacy nor publicity is dead, but technology will continue to make a mess of both.” We’ve been looking at privacy and publicity as a black-or-white attribute for content, when really it’s defined by context and the implications of what we’ve chosen to share.

From her affiliations, you would probably be least surprised by her use of Facebook and Google Buzz as examples of technologies that didn’t deal too well with privacy issues plus taking into account various psychological or usability factors. Btw, Windows Live is nowhere near a hit anyway (I’m by all means, not a Microsoft sympathizer).

TechCrunch has the report here.

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