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Things I didn't know this time last year

A happy belated new year!
It’s time to start blogging again!

Inspired by BBC’s 100 things we didn’t know last year (which I haven’t missed for the last few years), here’s my list of 20 things I didn’t know this time last year, in random order.

  1. Melbourne is indeed a very liveable city.
  2. The livelihood of your plants are very much correlated to the population of pests in your neighbour’s garden.
  3. It is possible to make bread with 100% rye, but you are likely to get a few rocks fit for pelting dogs (hey, it rhymes).
  4. Complaining about your food in a restaurant most often result in bigger portions sent back to you.
  5. 90% of stuff on Facebook are time-wasting crap.
  6. Chopin’s Ballades are really tough pieces! ...but not impossible to play
  7. BFM is the only REAL radio station, the rest are more or less nonsense.
  8. The present-day government tells us more lies than you think
  9. The property market/housing projects exists NOT to provide affordable living for all, but to benefit a small pool of useless blood-sucking speculators.
  10. Roy & Kristy Boyd will be going back to US.
  11. Cats have the ability to know when to act cute in front of you.
  12. Upkeeping your own house requires a new level of discipline and dedication (note: no maids, no cleaners involved)
  13. One thing which MAY be able to reduce ulcers and prevent nasal or throat-related sicknesses is to brush your teeth more often (still needs more proof).
  14. Herbs like thyme, rosemary and parsley are difficult to sustain in our humid tropical weather, although most of them require lots of sunlight. No problem with basil though.
  15. Cataplexy.
  16. It is possible that some university undergraduates in IT/CS do not know their sines and cosines.
  17. I still sucked at MC-ing wedding dinners.
  18. Many people do not understand the meaning of “taxpayer’s money”. They thought taxpayer’s money includes having to pay 20 cents for using plastic bags in supermarkets…
  19. Malaysia plans to go nuke.
  20. There’s now a shortcut from Puchong to Cyberjaya without paying any toll.

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Might make a list myself, if i ever get around to blogging. Yes to Melbourne, and the government lying, in fact the company lies a whole lot too!..and totally agree with #12, and even more challenging when you have housemates who think that rubbish knows their way to the big bin outside and dishes have the ability to wash themselves! p/s: would you like a row of toothbrush for Bday/Chrissy this year?

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