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Owned by Mongolian gers

While the country gets worked up over the TBH open verdict and the upcoming by-election in Johor, some rather interesting news probably escaped the attention of many. I think I did not see it on any mainstream papers (heck, I can’t verify that these days since I’ve stopped reading them for ages).

Got this news from Malaysiakini (but full-length article reproduced at LKS’s blog). Economist’s Democracy Index 2010 has placed Malaysia at position number 71 out of 169 countries who practice democracy, with a miserable score of 6.19. This lists Malaysia under the “flawed democracy” category together with 52 other countries between scores 6 and 7.9. That’s like, almost rock bottom in that category.

On our way to become a failed democracy?

Since our Big Government is often obsessed with university rankings, news site rankings, internet penetration percentages and what not, surely this should be of some concern?

Just when you thought Malaysia’s ranking is poor enough, read till the last line for some double whammy…

Other countries ahead of Malaysia on the index include Botswana (35th at 7.63 points), Papua New Guinea (59th at 6.54 points), Mongolia (64th at 6.36 points) and Namibia (69th at 6.23 points).

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