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Jules Verne Google-Doodled

Google showcases HTML 5 yet again, this time with a Doodle commemoration that would have delighted Jules Verne if he was alive today.

My childhood encounters with Jules Verne (just like many I believe) were without doubt, reading his three famous books — Around the World in Eighty Days, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and A Journey to the Center of the Earth, some (or all?) of which have been made into films more recently. I doubt people these days really know much about Star Wars or Star Trek, let alone who Jules Verne, the founding father of science fiction was.

This Doodle wouldn’t waste 48 million hours of our time, but try looking for the treasure chest (with a golden crown) amongst the shipwreck! Somewhere around 20,000 leagues under the sea…

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I found the treasure chest! hahah :P

#1yuin  ::  8 February 2011, 17:00  ::  #

Happy Birthday to the most famous novelist Mr. Jules Verne. Google made this birthday a special with its doodle.

#2Oxter Infotech Pvt Ltd  ::  8 February 2011, 19:20  ::  #

Unfortunately, Doodles only last for like 1 or 2 days… so it’s gone by now

#3johnsee  ::  9 February 2011, 06:45  ::  #

Jules Verne! I read all his books when I was a kid…I loved 20,000 Leagues of course but I was also a big fan of underground dinosaurs in Journey to the Center of the Earth. I think I blame Jules for my hope that trilobites still scuttle around some obscure corner of the deep sea.

#4Atlanta Roofing  ::  9 February 2011, 11:23  ::  #

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