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A full cycle

With dwindling support from both writer and fans, time has come for a total re-work to chart out the future of Tulips.

Eventually, two lacklustre palpitations weren’t enough to resuscitate back the heartbeat that had gone flat (circa post-wedding, facebook revolution), very much to its demise.

So there you go, we have come a full cycle, all stuff from 5+ celebrated years, are now archived away to make way for the new.

I have always wanted Tulips to be a multi-dimensional junkyard that is completely un-trendy, spews stuff that may not interest the mass of you (great, as no longer reliant on visitor performance) and hopefully it turns out as an overloaded furball (that only interests me), and hopefully someone tells me one fine day that they found something useful, at least.

Through the hiatus times, I have been frequenting blogs sites that have characterized the same way how my thoughts are often organized — a junkyard. I like in particular, Tim Bray ‘s ideas in fragments, and how often what we have in mind doesn’t necessary go away but comes back iteratively (and literally in fragments). I haven’t forgotten about kottke and how amazingly eclectic one can be. I’m eclectic too, but I need to stop putting blockages and assuming that people may not like them. Academically, the concept of notebooks is one brilliant reason of why loads of good rubbish appeals to me for I have an interest in a million things, but very little gets organized in a meaningful way, that hopefully, appeals to others. All these while in the name of regression, I will be putting a stop to unnecessary social networking/bookmarking in the site, except for having feeds, which are not aesthetics. Design takes another step towards minimalistic heaven. Commenting to remain, but I promise never to make charts out of them again.

So it seems, I am somewhat glad take the b out of blog. But no rebranding. Tulips remains Tulips.

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