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Free online courses from Stanford

Stanford is offering free online courses in AI, Machine Learning and Databases, all of which require enrollment, participation in review questions, homework and computer assignments (optional though). Students will also get regular feedback on their progress, and get graded. We are talking about the scale of 10,000s or 100,000s if it really does get popular having Machine Learning with Andrew Ng, AI with Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig (Google), and Databases with Jennifer Widom.

There are issues and criticisms on this “bold experiment in distributed education” (old news here) but it’s too early to tell if it would be a success. The MIT OCW, which I like very much, works more like a repository of really good courses (materials available but not all have videos, and no participation/feedback).

Coincidentally (purely), I have been doing a refresher for the past week on Machine Learning with Andrew Ng’s older videos (2008 is just 3 years old). Content is somewhat similar, a bit more impromptu, and minus the funky interactive board/screen which he scribbles directly on it.

I have never actually taken a formal Machine Learning course prior to my research, and I am now somewhat working on machine learning problems.

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