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Seven Sisters, Sussex

Perfect sunny weather for a weekend day trip to Seven Sisters chalk cliffs in Sussex, one of Britain’s finest coastlines facing the English Channel. I wonder how long will these cliffs last since they have been eroding by 30-60 cm inward from the sea each year.

Obviously we hiked across all 7 peaks but did not go down to the bottom of the cliffs where people have actually found Cretaceous-era fossils.

For some strange reason, we actually hiked the more challenging uphill path, backwards from Went Hill (7th Peak) to Haven Brow (1st Peak), where our end point overlooks River Cuckmere and the Cuckmere Estuary.

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ah, so pretty! Wish I could’ve gone there :(

#1yuin  ::  19 October 2011, 11:03  ::  #

Nice huh! It’s quite a long walk actually across the 7 peaks, maybe because we keep stopping to take pictures. We have more pictures, but only managed to pick a few to post first.

#2johnsee  ::  22 October 2011, 06:44  ::  #

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