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ICCV - Day 3

ICCV main conference officially started today. And, I had the strange luck of having my poster scheduled on the first day. Had a number of interested people coming over to check out my work, hopefully not to see how I’ve got 18 printed A4 sheets taped together to make a A0 sheet. Somehow it looked pleated, but who cares, it doesn’t cost much!

Don’t ask me why, but I guess they wanted everyone to attend the oral sessions throughout the day, so the poster sessions were all scheduled in the evening from 5pm onwards. And, they had some “light food” or tapas (sort of) rolled out as well, to go with the hungry folks. I don’t get it. People in Spain have their dinner really late, and obviously, the food was all gobbled up quicker than expected.

They gave out awards to a string of famous CV people, including Thomas Huang with the Azriel Rosenfeld Lifetime Achievement Award, and David Lowe with one of the three Test-of-time awards for his work on the SIFT (12 years already and counting!).

Oral sessions were filled with papers on object classification (large-scale, multi-object, unsupervised, kernel learning), but I found a few conceptually interesting, with lots of potential in the future:

Some posters were pretty good stuff but as expected, very few papers get selected for oral in top conferences like these.

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