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ICCV - Day 5

Oral sessions on the third day of the main conference event was probably among the least interesting ones, at least for me and my area of work. The “light banquet” in the evening is probably the main attraction of the day, excellently staged at a great venue, and includes an interesting Catalonian castell, or human tower performance.

I wasn’t particularly interested in most of the oral sessions today. Sessions were on optimization methods, geometric computer vision, scene understanding and image restoration — topics which are somewhat supplementary or complementary to other core computer vision problem (maybe for the exception of some geometric-based problems such as stereopsis and visual SLAM which are still very trendy). The posters were probably much more interesting (covers wider range of areas), and I could usually get my questions answered almost directly by the authors themselves.

While most people expect a “gala dinner” or “grand banquet” of some sort in a conference of such prestige and not a “light banquet”, it was surprisingly sumptuous (free flow tapas, and very delicious ones too) and very well-organized. Banquet venue was at Llotja de Mar, a cool neo-classical mansion-like building of noble grandeur, situated near the Barcelonetta harbour front. And we were also treated to a cocktail reception, a four-piece jazz band, and a strange human tower performance called a castell (basically, piling people skywards as high as possible), something which is typically found in festivals within Catalonia region.

Here’s an a-ha!: The international computer vision community is overwhelmingly male…

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