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Galatians Big Mac

Paul writing to the Galatians It’s been awhile, and we’re finally gonna do it.

Thanks Hannah for bringing up the suggestion (again!) for our cellgroup. It’s about time our “table talk” materialises into actions.

Weekly sermon-based study has been good for interaction in CG. It’s easy to recall and there’s lots of good application work, sharing and discussions. It’ll be good to have something extra which deepens both our understanding and application of the Scripture (not ala Soo-Inn’s McNuggets). We’ll be doing Galatians—thinking, understanding and applying.

My systematic mind always prefers book studies than topical studies. I like to see the big picture of things at a particular context of a particular writing (or time or purpose of writing). Maybe most ‘group’ bible studies that I went through had always been topical (not so boring for everyone ma…), and it has been awhile since I get to dig deep into the very roots of our God-breathed text. So, I’m getting excited and all geared-up for this.

Last Sunday, the Jedibaba preached right from Galatians (though just nuggets of it, haha), and to me, it’s no coincidence as well (just as Terry said). Very encouraging.

We’ll do a Big Mac for Galatians.

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That’s right. Make fun of jedibaba just because he preached a topical sermon from Galatians! But seriously I am glad you guys are going deeper into the Word. There is a inner logic that underlies a book that is lost when you macnugget.

#1jedibaba  ::  22 March 2006, 00:33  ::  #

way to go! sounds exciting!

#2leonkj  ::  22 March 2006, 07:45  ::  #

Fast food is not good for health! :) try Agora fried chicken too…

#3hedonese  ::  23 March 2006, 01:03  ::  #

jedibaba: Hey, thanks for the message again. :)

leon: yealah, everyweek do sermon study also seems quite rigid…sometimes…

hedonese: Fried chicken not fast food meh. Agora dim sum got? More expensive ‘food’...

#4johnsee  ::  23 March 2006, 10:41  ::  #

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