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Memorable indeed, 2011

To stop myself from being taken into some incessant rambling over editing of this post, I’m going to do a quick summary of what I can think of, that are memorable personal landmarks of year 2011. Here we go, in extended point form…

  • Moved to London for a year. Jobless in status, though seriously, never job-less in actual fact. With parents, relatives, friends coming over quite frequently, it’s like running free B&B, as my wife says.
  • Managed some significant progress in my PhD work. I would probably clarify that I actually work on most of the main idea before I left for UK but being on leave helps a bit with the extension work and conference traveling! Hope it’s all a wrap as soon as I get my final few experiments underway. With 5 conference papers and 1 book chapter in a year (all first author, therefore tiring), it has been fruitful.
  • Attending ICCV 2011. Never dreamt of ever getting into ICCV which is a top class conference in my field of work, but I made it. Daily reports in Tulips can be found starting here. As I’m officially on leave from varsity, the source of funding that supported my conferences and travels have been no other than my wonderful wife, and I feel truly blessed!
  • 3 weeks in Spain. Great conference-and-holiday road trip. Last few days were an ordeal, I could literally eat anything besides tapas.
  • It’s REALLY not a bad idea, not having to drive a car to go anywhere.
  • Unread-but-bought list of books growing many-fold. How could people over here ever resist Amazon’s evil price?
  • Got myself (or ourselves) a Kindle Touch. Obviously, never learnt lesson from previous point. Though a good use excuse would be how I could use that to read/store research papers without lugging laptops, netbooks or tablets…
  • BBC Proms, how could I leave this till the end? There is indeed no such thing as an overdose of classical music in London every summer.

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