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Dolomites, BolzanoIt hasn’t been easy all this while. The wait has ended, and now, a new phase for us will begin. I was uncomfortable, and never too settled with it. But I’m OK already.

Some of you may already know that Mei Sin will be leaving to Italy this Friday for her European Masters Program in Computational Logic (which is quite dreadful stuff if you’re from comp science) in Libera Universit√† di Bolzano (Free University of Bolzano, Italy). She will be on the Erasmus Mundus scholarship from the EU. It’s a two year course, the second year having an option to go to one of four other partnership universities in Madrid, Lisbon, Vienna and Dresden.

If you’re shocked right now, you may blame me for this undisclosure. We just thought it’ll be best to let people know of it, well, bit by bit in stages. There’s enough farewells and makans than we could handle already.

I’m definitely not going there during the winter as her Christmas break will last only 2 weeks, followed by a term exam stretch (strange…). So, I will have to hang on till next summer before I can visit her. Hopefully, I get my airfares at a good price too.

Perhaps, it’s also possible to take this as a blessing. Now, I have a chance to visit and tour Europe (as Mei Sin assures that her Euro is well enough to help my poor RM). Bolzano is close by ski resorts on the Dolomites (mountain range that connects right through to the Alps) and it also houses the European Union Youth Orchestra, which takes up summer residency there. Bolzano (or Bozen in German) is the capital of South Tyrol, an autonomous province in northern Italy that is both Italian- and German-speaking.

Looks like I would also have more time with my PhD now that I should be going out less (but trying to get online more often). There’ll be more office-camping than right now. Might also lose some weight. Now, I also have 1 brownie point at my disposal.

Her blog, Snowflakes has just started last week, feeding on tulips space. That’s where you can get South Tyrol -ian updates from her from now on (if not from me). I think she will elaborate further over her blog, if you wish to know more.

If you miss her baking, just let me know. I can buy you Secret Recipe.

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the blog name does sound eerily familiar, u know! :p

but hey, i’m glad for her! it’s a wonderful opportunity :)

#1sno  ::  11 October 2006, 00:51  ::  #

And I just asked you what is she doing in Italy…hahaha..I’ll be reading definitely.

#2Dee  ::  12 October 2006, 08:52  ::  #

Tulips is definitely my source of information and also my channel of update!!

#3meisin  ::  15 October 2006, 01:15  ::  #

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