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CamelCamelCamel - a nifty Amazon price tracker

If you have purchased stuff from Amazon before, you would very well-acquainted with how their prices fluctuate all the time. Your targeted item could be $18 last week, suddenly $24 this week, and before you know it, it plunges all the way down to $15 for Super Deals week just before Christmas! What a bummer if you had already bought it…

Fortunately, there’s a nifty Amazon price tracker website with a very unfortunate name of CamelCamelCamel, which can provide you with price drop alerts and price history charts. You can set price alerts on any Amazon product and it will help you keep track of its price. Notifications will be sent via email or Twitter if your tracked product hits your designated target price. How cool is that?

OK, here’s an example of a historical price chart for the Settlers of Catan boardgame generated by the tracker.

Prior to buying the Settlers of Catan boardgame, I tracked it manually for a few weeks just to pinch it at a good price of £20 (plus free shipping with Super Savers), now knowing that the average price for the entire 2011 is £25.44. CamelCamelCamel (CCC) would have saved me the countless times I had to manually load the product page just to view its price, and having to jot them down and forget again later.

I see the price alert feature as a very great help, but perhaps the historical price charts contributed nothing except to inflict pain and agony into missed opportunities in the past!

Argh, £16 during pre-Christmas sales. How can that be?!?

Note: It’s possible that the prices of an item that you want to track are not available, or some problem with “insufficient data” when you attempt to search, but somehow CCC will get down to tracking it after you sort of… “indicated your interest”. Just check back a few days later. On-demand smartness.

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Awesome stuff! Will check out camel*3! :) p/s: When are you free for a cuppa bro?

#1Leo Koo  ::  17 December 2012, 19:26  ::  #

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