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Master Ngram Viewer

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I tend to play a lot with the Google Ngram Viewer whenever I get tired of processing accessible data that are for my own consumption most of the time (and it’s probably boring enough for anyone else to take in). But you never quite know what mining Google Books’ massive corpus of 5 million English-language books would get you to.

It’s not exactly mind-blowing but surely the Ngram Viewer isn’t dishing at me Chinese New Year feng shui for the year?



  • Data taken only until 2000 to cut down on insufficient data bias (as suggested by Ngram Viewer)
  • Possible inaccuracies due to lack of information on books in other languages (Malay, Chinese, etc.)
  • There are obviously different acceptable permutation of words for each person’s name, such as “Tun Abdul Razak” or “Tun Razak”, so phrase with highest score is used.

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