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I seldom write ‘Random Thoughts’ posts. Sivin is very good at that, and I’ve always enjoyed reading them. They’ve got a very personal touch to it, and very “random” too at times (which of course, is the beauty of it all, spontaneity). I believe my mind thinks very randomly at times, too randomly at other times. But, my posts usually don’t, haha!

So, while I try to balance my future posts between organized and random, personal and pedagogical, here’s a short summary of some random things that have been going on…

  • I’ve just started on my PhD. It’s going to be a long and windy road.
  • On the other side, I’ve been teaching Games Programming to a small class of future game maker wannabes. I find it fun and relaxing.
  • I have some tough decisions to make.
  • CG is doing an extra book study soon, with lots of “healthy” fast food.
  • I have not filed my income tax forms. Have you?
  • Yay! Tulips is now listed in the TXP Magazine. There aren’t many TXP sites in Malaysia, are there?
  • I’ve “outsourced” my links to del.icio.us (you can see my tagged links on the right side). Photos soon, to Flickr.

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Yay!On everything listed above and I wish you well :).
Que tenga un bien fin de semana.

*Have a good weekend

#1Dee  ::  25 March 2006, 10:02  ::  #

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