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A new year, and some resolutions

Wait a minute…I forgot that this is MY site. It belongs to me, me, me, not the hijacker. Look up at the address bar. I’m the owner, you know?

1. Get out of the blogging rut

While I was absent, I’m kinda riding high on the success of the better blogger, hehe! (I told you it’s my site) Statistics normally tell the truth (it’s when people manipulate it, it becomes a lie) and it’s scary sometimes. I’m averaging a sodding 1 post/month in the past 3 months, and getting clobbered by Snowflakes’ 16 posts in similar time. Even my new year post is later than hers. Statistics are ironic when you analyse further. It now clearly seemed like I went down into a blogging drought when she left for Italy end of last September. But really, time to buck up, and that’s the first new year resolution. Or else, I’ll be left with no readers except Kelv.

2. Giving to those who need

Recently, I’ve been thinking of how ‘mission’ encapsulates a larger scope than just what we do around here. Thank God for timely reminders from Ps. Wong about how one can be involved in global mission locally. I think “most” of us have “more than enough”, a roof above our heads, 3 meals a day (or more), stuff to wear (and I don’t mean pasar malam stuff) and good education. Weeks back, I contributed some money to World Vision to sponsor a child in Mongolia, which to my knowledge, is sufficient for a year’s living expenses and school fees. I’ll write more on that soon, and the little girl I’m supporting. Even the evil tolls that we now pay could be so valuable to people in poverty-stricken countries… :(
This is my first time “sponsoring a child”, and I felt that I’ve done something right with money I have. Or perhaps, the best I’ve used it for quite awhile.

3. Play the piano…again

Time to start ‘playing piano’ again. Well, I don’t mean playing the piano leisurely or in church, which is very normal to me. Time to polish up the skills, and tackle those Sonatas again. Of course, who wants to buy me a piano for my house? :)

I won’t keep elaborating on each personal resolution, so here’s the remaining non-exhaustive list of them:

4. Write those letters
5. Work really hard on my PhD
6. Start clearing my books (to read) queue.
7. More bible studies – looking for more studies with the gang. The tentative plan for the next study is still Amos.
8. Keeping a consistent devotion time – which is always a hard thing to do.
9. Not to be lazy to clean up the house – even harder, gulp!
10. Visit Italy during summer – haha, this is not a resolution actualy, but I’m desperate for a break!

Happy new year, folks!

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even if only 1 post a year I’ll still be your reader haha

#1killarkai  ::  6 January 2007, 14:39  ::  #

Hahahahha…..how dare u call me the “hijacker”??!! I was just merely using the blog to share my experience here in Italy, to keep u updated on what’s going on here. Dun worry, sooner or later, i will reach the blogging drought, just like you =p.
Maybe this competition will motivate u to blog more now.heheh..

#2meisin  ::  8 January 2007, 17:20  ::  #

Wah, kai, you just won yourself the comment of the year. So early too… haha, sob sob.

Hehe yeah, got hijacked. Someone took over the plane…

#3johnsee  ::  9 January 2007, 00:06  ::  #

Lets join the Second Anti toll-hike rally in Gombak this Sunday!

Date: January 14, 2007 (Sunday)
Time: 4:00pm
Venue: Gombak toll plaza of the Kuala Lumpur-Karak highway (park at the slip-road near the toll plaza heading towards International Islamic University)
Organizer: Protes Kenaikan Tol (a coalition of opposition parties, civil society groups, trade unions and student groups)

People’s Demand:
1) Urge the government to reveal all highway concession agreements
2) Urge the government to withdraw the decision to raise toll charges at five major highways throughout the Klang Valley
3) Urge the government to set up an independent body to audit the conssessionaires’s profits

If you were thinking that you are not affected because of not using the road, then you are wrong! The government will still pay the conssessionaires with the taxpayers’s money, which is also your money!

If you have any questions, you may call or sms to Dr Hatta Ramli (019-3398659), the Secretary of Protes.

#4new youth  ::  13 January 2007, 11:38  ::  #

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