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Settling in, finally

No, I didn’t shift house!

It’s been a long week! Phew, I’m glad it’s coming to an end, but it feels funny, like the week has just started. Maybe as I’m finally settling down in my new room, it feels like I’ve just started to get back to my work, the daily mechanics.

As I’ve promised some of you earlier that I’ll post something on my new room once I’ve settled in. So, here’s it.

It took 3 days to get everything shifted, unpacked, fixed back up, arranged. Strangely before all that, I needed only a few hours to dismantle and pack my stuff from the old room. I couldn’t trust the facility workers to move my precious PC, and fragile items (though we were offered the service to move them) so I dumped everything into the car and drove them to our new building, 2 trips.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

5 comment(s) to this post

u finally got ur new office..Spacious…and its all for u
...that shows how long I have been away from MMU…
anyway, just wanna wish u happy Birthday..

Jess (u know who)

#1Jess  ::  26 January 2007, 20:45  ::  #

wah new office! looks spacious

#2yuin  ::  27 January 2007, 14:17  ::  #

Wah…it’s really really spacious!! Hey where’s my photo, which u promise to put in your new office? Hhahha =p

#3meisin  ::  27 January 2007, 19:03  ::  #

Yah…. Mei Sin’s photo to show all your students that you’re TAKEN. Hehe….. HAPPY NEW ROOM, SOTONG! :)
Any deco plans to make it look more homey? *winks

#4eihcus  ::  3 February 2007, 18:29  ::  #

Look more homey ar… no idea, but I don’t want to get too comfy with the surroundings haha..(later nothing gets done)

I still have Albert, the giraffe though. I’m sure he likes a new room too.

#5johnsee  ::  5 February 2007, 20:42  ::  #

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