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Not Routine is Good

I discovered something strange today. Don’t jump from your seat. It’s not kryptonite.

When I try to work on a very routine daily schedule, I find my inspiration clogged, stunted, or you may say, denied. (“work” to me normally refers to teaching and research in academics) I figured that I have been tremendously restless for the past two days. I have experimented with the air-con, considered a less comfortable chair, try and see if there’s any difference if I play Beethoven’s Sixth or Messiaen’s Turangal├«la-Symphonie or nothing at all. No, I don’t see any difference.

Then, I figured that it may have something to do with the new working habits I’m trying out. (I’ve just started doing this robotic lifestyle after the CNY break) I feel trapped in a typical office clerk’s 9-to-5 program, and I spend a lot time trying to figure out what else I need to do in the next hour. One plus point though, I find my administrative work rather efficient. :) Proves a point here.

What I hate most is the inability to find that extra inspiration for some good research work. Bah!! I’m going back to my messy ways to gain back what I lost. I need the space to flourish. Inspiration to work, inspiration to play, inspiration to sleep.

Time to revert back to my screwed-up timetable. Hehehe…

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