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The things people talk

This is evil Why do people like to compare jobs so much?
Why do people like to talk about new ways to earn more money?
Is it all people talk about nowadays?

I don’t know why I’m grumbling about this, but maybe I’ve been hearing a lot of these recently. It’s in the air, all over the place. There are still people (today) grumbling over the age-old petrol hike, and I think it’s time they got over it and use a little more gray stuff.

And, for that, everyone have (almost literally) stopped talking about more mundane things like your latest interest or “in”-thing, your recent bout of flu and if you had recovered, your pet dog, or even your life dreams.

Not that I’ve had flu, but I think tonnes of people don’t want to know HOW you are, but WHAT you are.

Due to some myopic stereotypical mindsets, I’m often thrown this question: “Why do you want to stay in the university?” Or to put it more crudely: “You like the uni so much AH?” (It feels more like a sarcastic jibe than a question.) No doubt it’s a good question that warrants a good answer, and I’m prepared to give one. Maybe, it’s been a stereotype for ages that working in the university doesn’t earn you big bucks (as much as if you were working ‘outside’ it). Why would you want to be there?

But I’m sadden by the very fact that this has often been associated with trying to dig out “valuable figures” on how much you earn in a university (and what more, a private university), or some sort of job comparison exercise. And, the moment I start my 15-minute lecture on the attractions of a university that lured me (as oppose to a corporate company), my interests and passions in academia, I can’t help but sensed an obvious air of disinterest.

Obviously, passions often lie not in the work, but in its salary. Doesn’t it?

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that, my friend, is exactly the reason i dislike going to secondary school reunions

#1killarkai  ::  6 April 2006, 09:49  ::  #

Yeah, u’re right. I guess ppl naturally tend to compare.
Common scenarios:
After SPM: “How many As did you get?”
In Uni: “What is your CGPA?”
After graduation: “How much are you earning now?”

In future, i can foresee, ppl talking about…... – “How much is your wedding ring?” – “How much did u spend on your wedding?” – “What car are you driving now?” – “How many As did your son get in his exams?”

It’s a deadly cycle…...

The bible is very wise in dealing this spirit of competition and comparison. It says in Deuteronomy 5:16 “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife. You shall not set your desire on your neighbor’s house or land, his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

To echo what Dr. Tan said, we Christians have become careless in obeying God’s word. The Ten Commandments are very real and relevant, even in modern times.
When we compare, we envy ppl with higher salary, ppl driving with bigger car, living in a bigger house…the end result -> we get dissatisfied with our lives.

We want what others are having, and this implies that we do not trust God in meeting our needs and giving us the best.

Let’s be counter cultural in this area….........let’s ask questions like:
“how’s your flu? Have you recovered?”
“how’s your work?” (instead of the salary)

#2meisin  ::  9 April 2006, 17:13  ::  #

One who picks a profession out of passion is most often respectable.

Cheers mate.

#3TrapT  ::  13 April 2006, 23:42  ::  #

how about what are you and what is work? and why did God give it to us? and why do we want money so much?

#4leonkj  ::  14 April 2006, 02:02  ::  #

Dear Mr John See, when I found out you were a student here prior to being an academician, I found that quite amusing. Why? Because I wondered how you could love MMU so much!

Cos I don’t. Haha. I wanted to take up creative writing and become a writer (and I still do) but due to dad’s forceful intervention, I ended up here too. Gah.

#5masami  ::  17 April 2006, 02:59  ::  #

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