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A new milestone for my old faithful. It’s been about 6 years since I started using her up in KL. There were the good and bad times. There were times I got frustrated over her, and times I’m thankful to have her, it was a blessing in many ways. She’s also not a lot younger than I am. Having endured these rough years in urban madness, it’s been quite a journey. Anyway, seems that time may not be up just yet!

Happy 500,000th kilometre!

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yo man!
wanna know why i named my blog d.o.o.r. ? i updated my profile section XD

wow. 500000 o.o

#1Eugene  ::  29 April 2007, 14:55  ::  #

Imagine, this old faithful has reached the moon (384,400 km)
and is now almost one-third of its way back to earth! Hope it can last the journey back… Anyway it cost less than 30k to put it on the road, a tidy sum in those days. But you will probably have to use two or three Protons to accomplish the same feat nowadays. Well done, old faithful!

#2Pa  ::  29 April 2007, 22:11  ::  #

My compliments to the old faithful! You’ve have been through so much with her…..all the adventures, and misadventures. She’s still doing pretty well even after 500,000 KMs…. go JBN 1600!

#3meisin  ::  5 May 2007, 15:16  ::  #

Do a post on your handphone bro! :D

#4richard  ::  7 May 2007, 20:29  ::  #

Only 2 car manufacturers are known have a significant number of high mileage cars on the road; Mercedes and Toyota.

Too bad you drive a Toyota and not a Merc, else you will qualify for a high mileage award from DCX,


Check out 4.6 million km Merc too.

As a consolation, you can add your car to the list of high mileage Toyotas

#5gim  ::  8 May 2007, 15:47  ::  #

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