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Mackerel Sky and Random Stuff

A (semi) altocumulus mackerel sky, picture taken on a sunny, but cool noon in Peacehaven (Genting Highlands). Doesn’t seem to cover the whole sky. I like this picture. How often do we get to see a clear blue sky, and every detail of its swirls and puffs. Surely not in the city!

More random thoughts and reports…

I have just got out of a semester-full of work, teaching 2 subjects (actually technically 1.5 since I had to take over one subject whom the lecturer left halfway through the semester). Finished marking everything and ‘cleaning’ up leftovers at the moment. My office room also needs cleaning up, looks like a tornado just dropped by or something…

As a reward for being so kind, (yes, I’m not suppose to teach 2 subjects in a semester in our policies), I’m now free the whole of next semester! That leaves me lots of time to concentrate on my PhD work, probably a couple of thesis projects to supervise, and a programming competition. And, that’s till November! What an extended “summer” holiday… ;)

Just got an IEEE Transaction journal paper accepted (it’s ok if you don’t know what’s this, but you can take it as an academic paper which reports research findings), and will be published in the May issue, but it hasn’t appeared it seems. Basically it’s a concise technical description of a big portion of my earlier Masters work. Process was really slow. For some reason or another, I never liked this paper, hehe! But well, thank God for it. It’s my first in this journal and well worth the wait.

Speaking of “summer” holidays, yes, I will have one this year! And maybe next year too? Hehe, will be backpacking for about more than 2 weeks. Hopefully, I’ll come back having already touched the Pope, know what it means to win the World Cup, and of course, whether the famous Shroud is for real.

Got myself a Canon S3 IS. Got MS a Panasonic Lumix FZ8 (and it’s just reached her!). We’ll both be paparazzi-crazy over there.

More about our plans in the next post? :) Ciao!

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wah no teaching subjects next sem? niiice. :P

#1yuin  ::  2 June 2007, 12:55  ::  #

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