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Cam Upgrades

I’m neither a gadget freak nor a computer techie (being a geek is a different story), but it’s time. We’ve got ourselves new cameras! The Canon S3 IS for Him, and the Panasonic Lumix FZ8 for Her. :-)

You fellas should know. I still use the world’s sturdiest phone, the amazing Nokia 3310, though to my amazement it only costs RM20 if I were to sell it (I expected it to be nil). My car just reached 500k milestone. I do research in technology, but I’m no technology evangelist (sometimes to the extent of being anti-tech). How ironic and contradicting.

So, why do I need a camera upgrade right now?

  1. The tour de Italia deserves one. And, a good one.
  2. My Lumix DMC-LC20 has since reached rock bottom in terms of picture quality, megapixels, shutter response, LCD delay, battery life, etc. (probably considered OK years back). But gotta give credit to it for taking these pics. I don’t use a camera-phone. :)

Ok, this isn’t fresh news. I’ve got the Canon S3 IS about 2 months back (Gee, S5 just came out a few weeks ago…) and have been using quite frequently. More like experimenting with a lot of its nifty features. I don’t know when I’ll be able to finish trying out all. Planning to put recent S3 pics up on Picasa. Flickr is getting a little too unorganised and not user-friendly, so I’m planning to move over to Picasa instead. Flickr’s 100MB monthly upload limit is also a problematic constrain, unless I get a Pro account.

The Panasonic Lumix FZ8 (just a hundred bucks costlier than the Canon) is fresh out of the Lumix range early this year, and I’ve just got it just a few weeks back. Bah, didn’t manage to try it much, before it made its way to Italy. I can sense future hostility between both cameras, and both camera owners, hehehe! :-)

More pics and close-ups…

By the way, the bulkier, heavier, taller Canon does seemed a little more masculine than the sleek and elegant Lumix. Check out the bulk of buttons on the top part! Anyway, both are mid-range power zoom cameras, which are more powerful than compact ones, but lesser than SLRs.

Currently no budget for DSLRs, also maybe, don’t see a need for them at the moment (too bulky for light travelling). In the future, perhaps!

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Yay for the S3 :P

#1yuin  ::  8 June 2007, 18:11  ::  #

From a guy who was once a professional photographer, it would probably surprise you to know that I would have choosen the LUMIX.

#2Leon  ::  14 June 2007, 23:54  ::  #

yuin: I know u have one too. :P Double-yay.

leon: No it doesn’t surprise me. :P Love is self-sacrificial, hahaha! Nola, have my reasons for wanting the Canon.

#3johnsee  ::  16 June 2007, 15:44  ::  #

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