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A flower for you, would you..?
This is one of those Kodak moments that neither could you ever ask him to do again, nor can you put a pricetag to it.

Kelv is a fellow goo-ki-in-crime and has both movies and Web 2.0 painted all over his face (not the above pic, though). Thanks to him, I have been averaging a very significantly improved 1 movie per 2.5 months, much better that I’ve expected from myself. Unregrettably, I watched two wonderful indie shows, Millions and Bluebird at two different film festivals (Gee…I wanted to watch Hors de Prix (Priceless) recently but didn’t get to), and now, I have developed a keen habit of skipping shows like Pirates, Spidey or Shrek.

Check out Kelv’s blog on theatre and movies (and life, though I haven’t seen much of that really, hehe). You could use some reviews over there if you fancy some Rotten Candies treatment, especially rare movies.

Another priceless moment! Does watching LOTS of theatre and movies make one a better actor?

(First pic was ripped of Richard’s blog. I’m not sure who took that pic, but shouldn’t he be giving credits too? :-) )

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Thank goodness you didn’t put my full name there… if not the Google crawlers would have picked it up!

#1Kelv  ::  20 June 2007, 23:45  ::  #

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