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Happy birthday, bud!

I know this is really really late (almost 2 weeks). But, I promised myself that I will post this up, before I go on the holiday.

Happy birthday, buddy! It’s never too late to wish again. =)

You have been an amazing friend (and buddy) to me. A great listener, a radiant spark of life, and of course, unchallenged queen of TOL (nobody would guess what’s this, and no, it’s not what you pay to use LDP).

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Happy Birthday my dearest Hannah! =)

#1meisin  ::  25 June 2007, 16:33  ::  #

thanks JS and MS =) have an amazing trip together and look forward to seeing you guys back in Msia!

#2hlpe  ::  25 June 2007, 23:21  ::  #

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