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I'm back lah

Umm, I’m actually back from my vacation for more than 2 weeks already, despite you thinking that I have taken up Italian citizenship with this kind of nonsense going on back home.

MS has been very free recently, and has been making good use of our almost-dormant oven to churn up some really delicious stuff. Her chocolate chip oat cookies is top-class (she promised to bake a new batch of it for you guys, just remember to donate to my PayPal, heh) and I’m trying to limit myself to just a few each day so that they last a longer time. Hehe! Also, there’s this new Linzer cookies, which proved to be quite a hit too. Very very nice! I have pics of them though (they looked something like this), but will put them up another day.

With this kind of cookies, how not to get fat? Hm. Strangely, I just weighed myself today and realised that I’m about 2 kgs lighter than I was before I went to Italy. So, I project myself to have lost even more weight when I just got back. Must be all the walking over there.

Some of you may have been bugging us for our Italy tour photos. Well, good news is that we have “selected” and uploaded 1 GB (out of about 4.5 GB) of them into a new Picasa account, which we will reveal to you soon. Bad news is, we are having trouble putting captions to all our 1,247 pictures. It’s such a painstaking process!

Meanwhile, MS has been busy posting stuff on her blog. See, I said she’s too free…

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