About ... bake with me!

A domestic goddess wanna be? Yes, but sounds awfully ambitious for a working person like me doesn’t it? It’s relative u know….I will be a domestic goddness in my own home…I define my own standard!! =p
What really inspired me to such resolution was a present from John a few years back. He bought me Nigella Lawson’s “How to be a domestic goddess”.

He wasn’t giving me any pressure or anything, he knows that a cook book would be a lovely present for me, so I guess he thinks that Nigella Lawson is the “goddess” to learn from.

This cooking blog is not really a place for me to flaunt my cooking skills, it serves more like an online journal or scrapbook that keeps a record of the things I’ve made. And not to mention I really enjoy food photography. So here I am, sharing my experience, and my journey of being a cook and a photographer!

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