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The Apostles' Creed Bible study

As part of our journey in dissecting the world’s best seller, this time round we’ll be studying The Apostles’ Creed. A bunch of Koinonians are meeting weekly to study the Apostles’ Creed, as part of being in a community to grow together deeper in the Lord. Come join us…..

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just wheezed by to send showers of love =) though since its digital, parts of it may be lost in the process =P.

#1krystyn  ::  29 October 2007, 20:43  ::  #

HHmmm….mesti ada udang di sebalik batu! Beware beware =p

Nah, just joking. Thanks for the showers of love! Here….i am sending back a bunch of hugs…catch it!

#2meisin  ::  30 October 2007, 08:31  ::  #

krysytn: You’re absolutely right…since snowflakes resides in my domain, for every emotional data you send, I get a stash of it. Import duty. So, thanks. Now you know where some of it got “lost”.

Doesn’t apply to exports though…

#3johnsee  ::  30 October 2007, 12:36  ::  #

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