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Summer in December

Summer in December!! – That’s the theme for the lady’s breakfast, an event organized by VCC (Vienna Christian Center) – the church I am currently attending. They chose this theme to illustrate that Jesus is our source of hope, even if we’re in the “winter” season of our lives, He can usher in Summer, a season of fruit bearing, a season of abundance and above all, a season of hope!

The whole event was very well organized. They even have green and pink as the theme colour! We started with a hearty breakfast, and followed by testimonies and a wonderful message. And we were also given a gift – a pair of pearl earring, absolutely lovely! Prerana and I totally enjoyed ourselves there.

The message reads:

Woman is the crown of creation,
the last of all the good God saw:
Realize how lovely you are in His sight,
wear these earrings as
reminders of your value to Him
and the hope He offers to you now.

Indeed, I was reminded of my value to Him. We’re so valuable to Him until He willingly came, suffered and died for us. It’s really comforting to know that we women are equal with men in His sight. In the bible, Jesus ministered to many women, healed their sickness, touched their lives and transformed them. Yes girls, you are the crown of creation, the apple of His eye!

This reminds me of a joke or maybe fact. “About the creation of Adam and Eve, it is said that before God created the MASTERPIECE, He first created the PROTOTYPE”. So ladies, be encouraged!!

Theme colour: green and pink

Like I said earlier….a hearty breakfast =)

A song presented by the cell group leaders.

We girls had a great time there.

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WoW, that’s really sweet – a lot of thoughtful care must have been put into this event to make it so meaningful.. =)

so glad u r settling well in the church and being blessed.. =)

#1sharon  ::  5 December 2007, 13:20  ::  #

Dear sis, to you, summer is after long cold winter. For me, Sunny day is after long rainy days. In kelantan, rain could go for days. We can’t do anything, especially drying out clothes. Anyway, the whole event is nicely done and meaningful. Miss you too and take care.

#2lianghoong87  ::  6 December 2007, 00:34  ::  #

Sharon: Yeah, really thank God that I found a church where I can belong to. Last year, it was so difficult for me, both spiritually and emotionally. It’s really difficult to live a christian life alone.

Hoong: Yeah…the whole event is very meaningful. Liked your post about sunday feeling =p. Take care and love ya.

#3meisin  ::  8 December 2007, 11:16  ::  #

The masterpiece was beautifully done, but a little too intricate – perhaps He overdid it! I am sure all the men would agree, even if the women may not accept that!

#4Pa  ::  14 December 2007, 12:32  ::  #

Hahaahahah…..Pa, is that a sour-grape comment? Maybe you're right, that’s why we need the “macho-ness” of a guy to protect intricate being like us! =p

#5meisin  ::  15 December 2007, 19:06  ::  #

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