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Colourful Christmas Markets

As promised, here are the photos taken at a few of the christmas markets. The trinkets and Christmas souvenirs are just so attractive and charming.

Christmas markets are known as Christkindlmarkt in German. Among the bigger ones are those found in Rathausplatz, Schoenbrunn Palace and Spittelberg.

During Christmas, these markets are one of the main attractions in the city. Not only are they brightly lit, giving the atmosphere a touch of Christmas feeling, but there are loads of new and fun things to try out. One of them is tasting their traditional christmas cookies and bread.

“Glühwein”, a type of heated sweetened wine and hot punch are one of the must-trys. Not for me though…. I shared one cup with Prerana last time, and I nearly got drunk. Nonetheless, it’s the best drink to have on a cold winter’s day.

Did I buy anything? Who could resist such nicely made Christmas toys? A check in my inventory of things forbid me to buy anymore. I had to remind myself that I am only allowed 20kgs of luggage on the plane, any access would either end up being given away or being thrown into the dustbin. The only consolation I have is to take lots of pictures and share them with you.

I’ve chosen “photography” as the category of this post, simply because I consider taking photos of christmas markets as a photography assignment. Most of the photos are taken using the Macro shot mode. They are a little bit different from landscape photos. First the lens focal distance is much shorter, focusing on the nearest object. Often times, I had to zoom in to get right focus. Second, landscape focus are mainly just point and click, but this requires more adjustments. All in all, I really enjoyed myself, both the photo taking and being a part of the crowd.


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Beautiful pictures. But to make macro pictures you have to be very close to the object. Did you ask permission to do that or just did nice pictures? As for me usually am very shine to make pictures of toys without permission and to ask for permission also.

Hard to believe that you got drunk because of half of gluhwine. No way, it is not so strong! And I am already addicted to it. But agree… can’t be better drink at cold day in winter… eeeh… hot chocolate is good drink also;) (I just have revealed it at Bolzano Christmas Market)

#1Diana  ::  11 December 2007, 23:24  ::  #

OOOOOH beautiful stuff… I wouldn’t be able to resist it if I were you… still, thanks for sharing the pix… :D

#2Jules  ::  16 December 2007, 00:46  ::  #

Super Kawaii…..... I like them…..

#3lianghoong87  ::  22 December 2007, 08:10  ::  #

Diana, yeah u’re right. I took the pictures at a very close distance. There was quite a lot of customers, so the stall keeper was busy attending to the customers, so they didn’t really mind me taking those photos =p.

Hey have I told u before? U are my inspiration for this new found interest in photography. The photos u take are so beautiful and it motivates me to to be a good photographer like u. U’re my “guru” =D.

#4meisin  ::  24 December 2007, 15:23  ::  #

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