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Star light, star bright

Got this idea from a magazine, specifically from an article about these new street lights in major shopping streets. Another photography assignment for me! I just grabbed my tripod and head to town. True enough, the city center of Vienna is very nicely lit up with these fancy streets lights.
From top left:
1. Mariahilfer straße 2. Rotenturmstraße 3. Ringstraße Gallerien 4. Brauner strße 5. Grabengaße 6. Spiegelgaße 7. Neubaugaße 8. Kärntner straße 9. Josephstädter straße

Each street has its theme and colour, giving it a different feel and character. For example, the street below reminds me of Malacca street during Chinese New Year.

Not just the streets, some major buildings are also nicely decorated with lights. I particularly like the Christmas trees!

Rathaus (townhall)

Schönbrunn Palace


the shopping atmosphere in Stephansplatz

Photograph info:
most of the photos are taken with the following settings:
ISO: 100
Exposure: 2.0 sec
Aperture: f/6.3
Flash Used: No
Allen is right, lowering the ISO does produce nice night photos. Since the exposure is about 2 sec or more, you definitely need a tripod. Good thing I brought John’s broken (but still can be used) tripod here.
You might be wondering why bring a broken tripod all the way from home. Well, since I can’t possibly bring back everything, the tripod will be one of the things to be left here. And a broken one will make the parting easier =p.

Important tip for taking photos in subzero temperature
You need to wear gloves!! In my case, I wore 2 pairs of gloves (inner: tight fitting one, outer: leather gloves). There were times when my fingers hurt so badly, I think it’s because I got “frostnip”, an initial stage of frostbite.
I got all of the symptoms:

frostbite is accompanied by discoloration of the skin, along with burning and/or tingling sensations, partial or complete numbness, and possibly intense pain. more info here

The average temperature was about -6 to -4 degree Celsius.
I think I was too engrossed with the focus and the settings, trying not to move an inch to get a clear shot, and my hands were constantly in the lifted up position. Without me knowing it, the blood circulation to my fingers were dangerously poor, and when I realized that, my fingers were totally numb, and they hurt so bad.

Don’t worry, I managed to “revive” my fingers! =)

For a better and bigger view of the photos, click below:

Starry Night

9 comment(s) to this post

Sis, so bad that we can’t go and visit you this time to vienna. Really want to go there la ;-(

#1lianghoong87  ::  31 December 2007, 15:41  ::  #

Happy new year snoflek!!!!

#2Kelvin  ::  31 December 2007, 16:16  ::  #

hoong, don’t worry. In future, u’ll get a chance. Cheer up….end of next year, we’ll have a family trip together =)

#3meisin  ::  31 December 2007, 16:16  ::  #

thanks kelvin, u’re so sweet, being the first one to greet me, both during Christmas and New Year.

Have a blessed new year Kelv!

#4meisin  ::  31 December 2007, 16:22  ::  #

Hey, Mei Sin, Gorgeous photos.. =) Am certain you had a wonderful christmas. A Blessed new year – full of God’s favour the whole year thru.. =)

#5Sharon  ::  3 January 2008, 13:42  ::  #

Nice Christmas lights!

The decos in Melbourne city during Christmas is quite pathetic actually. Just giant christmas trees with no lights.

#6Flora  ::  7 January 2008, 13:44  ::  #

Hi Sharon, thanks. May you and Yong Yi have a blessed New Year too….a year filled with joy and peace of the Lord. =)

#7meisin  ::  7 January 2008, 17:01  ::  #

Hey Flora…...my cousin in Melbourne also complained about the same thing. I guess the lack of Christmas atmosphere there is because it’s summer =p.

According to her, she said the christmas deco in Malaysia and Singapore are much nicer in Australia. Hhhmm…weird, totally didn’t expect that.
But hey, u guys over there have kangaroos, platypus and many more that other people don’t have! =p

#8meisin  ::  7 January 2008, 17:05  ::  #

wow. wow. AND wow.

#9krystyn  ::  20 January 2008, 00:07  ::  #

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